Welcome to the pre-submission interface to Entomologica, a community-based peer-reviewed scholar journal owned by the Department of Soil, Plant and Food Sciences, University of Bari Aldo Moro.

Entomologica, in this actual Open Acess, DOI-indexed and full digital format descents from its printed matter parent. All the preceding printed volumes (I-XLVI; 1965-2015) are available for download as .pdf files, either digitised from paper or obtained from typesetting software output prepared for printing.

Chief Editors Prof. Domenico Roberti and Prof. Giorgio Nuzzaci published two journal statements in Italian that are on volumes I (1965) & XXVII (1992/93), respectively. We acknowledge the lesson and the example given by former Editors during their service.

This third statement marks a profound change in the way the Editor, the Steering Committee, the Topic and Country Editors, the Technical Board, the Users and the Authors participate in managing the editorial process. The Digital Revolution has been driving this change with the opportunity for a fast sharing and innovative treatment of the writings.

The Editorial procedure:

Entomologica will use a two-steps evaluation process of the contributions proposed for publication. The first Pre-submission step will serve to evaluate the topic, the language, the image quality and the potential plagiarism of the contribution. Corresponding Authors are requested to upload 1 cm margined A4 unpublished .doc/.docx text files in plain English illustrated by 300 dpi. not compressed .jpg raster images or .pdf vector pictures of the same physical size. Text preparation shall follow the recommendations offered in ICMJE, or in Bates College, or in NIH. Taxa names treatment must accomplish the Code; references format will follow the UWA Citation Style Examples or the Harvard Referencing Guide & Free Tool. We expect to complete the first step evaluations in one week. The second Submission step will offer the contribution to the volunteer refereeing by all the Entomologica community members. Referees will be recognised by a nickname during referee and acknowledged as a team on the published matter. We expect to complete the second step in a month, maximum. Editor in chief, steering committee and editors will take the decision to accept or refuse the proposed contribution, finally. The journal will evaluate matters in the form of Abstract, Letter, Note, Obituary, Poster, Research article and more. Each accepted contribution would be formatted and published on the site, being available for download ASAP. All the contributions published during each year will be "bound" in a single .pdf file, representing the annual volume of Entomologica.

Open access publishing gathers resources to cover its editorial costs by charging the Authors. In Entomologica, the editing and publishing cost revenue from a two-time payment: the charge for Pre-publication plus the charge for publication. Both constitute the article processing charge (APC) for accepted contribution. Usually, the APCs of open access journals are inferior respect that earned by traditional, lucrative publishers. Pre-publication on Entomologica will cost about 80,00 € plus the plagiarism estimation that is variable and article-length dependent. The System will calculate the total pre-submission cost as the Corresponding Author will complete the procedure allowing, thus, to accept or to abandon the process. The publication will cost 500,00 € for papers of 10 pages or less, the cost of longer papers will drop accordingly. All the same, the Editor has the power to minimise the due or to allow publication for free. Ours choose is to encourage the submission of full, detailed and well-illustrated contributions even by young unsupported researchers.

In opposition to the technical novelties, Entomologica will perseverate in publishing experimental and scientific contents that focus on Entomology, in the broad sense of the term. The journal will seriously consider for publication those studies targeting on insects and mite as primary topic; we will also consider contributions involving insects and mites as a secondary subject.

Nice to meet you!


Creative Commons License
Entomologica is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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